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Transportation Around Albuquerque

Being one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Albuquerque's transportation system has also been rapidly growing to meet the needs of residents and visitors. Driving remains the dominant form of transportation in New Mexico's largest city. Located near the junction of Interstate 40 and Interstate 25, Albuquerque is conveniently linked to all major regions in the south part of the country.

The 2,555-mile stretch of Interstate 40 is used by drivers anywhere between southern California and North Carolina. I-40 also runs through Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, and of course New Mexico. Interstate 25 is a 1,060-mile highway that links Albuquerque with northern states such as Colorado and Wyoming. I-25 also leads down south to the Mexican border near the city of Las Cruces.

Anyone driving from areas west of Albuquerque will have to cross the Rio Grande River to enter New Mexico's biggest city. Albuquerque has six major bridges that provide convenient access to the west bank of the Rio Grande River. In fact, the I-40 bridge is one of the busiest bridges in New Mexico. For the most part, the streets of Albuquerque have a grid layout, so navigating the Downtown area should be a breeze especially for cars with GPS systems.

Being one of the newest major commuter rail services in the United States, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express is a convenient public transit option in the Albuquerque area. The NMRX line runs for nearly 100 miles and makes stops at 13 stations. This train line serves suburban communities such as Belen, Los Lunas, Isleta Pueblo, Sandia Pueblo, and Kewa Pueblo. Additionally, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express also stops at Santa Fe, the capital city of New Mexico. The ride between Albuquerque and the capital is just under an hour and a half. The modern rolling stock of the NMRX makes a journey between Albuquerque and other cities very comfortable for all riders.

The main rail hub in New Mexico's largest city is the Alvarado Transportation Center, which is known as the Downtown Albuquerque Station along the New Mexico Rail Runner Express line. The Alvarado Transportation Center is also served by the Amtrak Southwest Chief line. With a route length of more than 2,250 miles, the Southwest Chief is one of the longest intercity train lines in the United States. This Amtrak service connects Albuquerque with major regions in the Southwest and Midwest.

Located only 3 miles away from the Downtown area, the Albuquerque International Airport welcomes millions of visitors each year into the Albuquerque region. The airport is served by eight airline carriers that offer flights to major destinations throughout the south and west regions of the United States. By selecting a car from one of ten car rental facilities, visitors can drive away from the airport and end up in the heart of Albuquerque in a matter of minutes.

Public transportation in Albuquerque is provided by ABQ Ride, which consists of more than 40 bus routes. ABQ Ride buses make stops at the Albuquerque International Airport and at the Alvarado Transportation Center.

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