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Dining in Old Town Albuquerque

St. James Tearoom
This is not your typical restaurant. This is a tearoom where you can get warm tea and small treats. The rooms are separated, making it great for intimate dinners or group meetings. The decorations look as though they are antiques. Lace cloths cover the tables and china cups and saucers are used for coffee and tea. There are a few ways that you can enjoy the tea here. You can place an order, or you can go in for a tea session. If you decide on the tea session, you are given about three different kinds of tea. You also get samples of the food that is served such as sandwiches and small cakes.

The Grover Café and Market
If you are looking for large portions on your plate, then this is the place to go. The breakfast is by far the best meal served here. The pancakes are fluffy and topped with butter that melts as it slides down each cake, and the eggs are scrambled to perfection. If you want something lighter, then try the English muffin with jam. Most of the food served has a European twist, which makes this one of the most frequented restaurants in the area.

Range Café
While you are in the city, you need to take in some authentic Mexican food. The Range Café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a great place to take the entire family for a hamburger and blue corn tortillas or corn relish and tacos. The décor makes you feel like you are in Mexico, and the food is fresh and delicious.

El Modelo
Enjoy the many tastes of Mexico by eating at El Modelo. This simple restaurant serves authentic Mexican and Spanish dishes. It is a very inexpensive place to eat. The most popular items are tacos. You can get almost any topping that you want on your taco including lettuce, tomatoes, and spicy ground beef. Another popular choice for many of the locals are the tamales. These are made with corn tortillas, meat and tantalizing sauces.

Golden Crown Bakery
You cannot leave the city without stopping at this local bakery. The cookies are chewy and made with chocolate chips, macadamia nuts and other ingredients, but the best thing on the menu are the empanadas. They are slightly fried and you can get fruit on top of them.

Frontier Restaurant
This is a cute restaurant that looks like a barn. It is a convenient place to eat if you are on a budget or if you have a family who is picky. The hamburgers are large and have at least two juicy patties on sesame seed hamburger buns. The guacamole is made in the kitchen and has green chilies and onions in it. The restaurant opens early in the morning, so if you plan on eating breakfast, get there before the line starts.

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